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It’s here! ‘Marylène Madou: Prints & Patterns’, the book.

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We are thrilled to announce that an overview of Marylène’s most distinguishing print designs and repeating patterns will be published by Stockmans Art Books. A treat for print admirers and textile enthusiasts worldwide; the book contains both highly detailed and more stylized prints, highlighting Marylène’s multidisciplinary design process. Covering more than 190+ pages, the patterns are divided into 5 subjects. Each artwork is accompanied by a small text, indicating the year of creation, most used technique in the print shown, and a brief description.

You will be able to buy an exclusive signed copy of the book during its pre-sale on Kickstarter. If you order the book via the Kickstarter pre-sale campaign, you will also receive a Limited Edition tote bag. Other Limited Edition Marylène Madou Rewards are available.

This gives you the opportunity to buy a signed copy, and receive rewards that are purely limited to this campaign: not to be sold anywhere else afterwords. A real chance to get a few exclusive Marylène Madou items.