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Women who inspire. Meet Eva Buttiens: a sparkling personality, with a heart for fashion.

We’d like to introduce you to Eva Buttiens, 32-year old Jr. Buyer at Belgian fashion retailer JBC and responsible for sourcing top pieces within the store’s collections. We got to know Eva as someone with a – quite literally – sparkling personality.

‘’My love for fashion does not begin and end at my workplace. I wake up with it and go to sleep with it.’’ 

In her daily work, Eva is responsible for all the jersey and sweat items of the baby collection, the nightwear range, the fun matching ‘Family Stories’ collections for the whole family, and some special collections, such as the exclusive collaborations with Marylène Madou. Needless to say, Eva breaths fashion and looks fabulous every single day.

Everyday Inspiration

Fashion is a big part of what inspires Eva in her everyday life. Not only at her workplace – also in her spare time, she enjoys immersing herself in the world of Vogue, glitter and glamour. She admits to spending hours in her dressing room putting together new combinations with the contents of her closets. A hint of a floral print is never far away.

Long walks in nature are equally important for her and allow her mind to unwind. 

‘’I have been a fan of flowers for as long as I can remember. Past spring, my boyfriend and I started a modest garden full of dahlias and delphiniums. It is a successful experiment that certainly tastes like more.’’

Culinary enjoyment with fantastic company is yet another way she finds inspiration and happiness in everyday life. Her social circle is very important to her, and she tries to see her friends as often as possible.

Precious Memories

We all have memories that we cherish and which we will never forget. For Eva, one of these moments is the day she was told she had been accepted for her fashion management course in Paris. After years of hard work with this particular goal in mind, the moment had finally arrived. 

”I really perceived it as a new chapter in my life. Actually, I consider my whole stay in Paris (about a year and a half) as one of the most beautiful chapters in my life.”

Another one of her cherished memories is her 30th birthday. Besides a surprise trip to Disneyland Paris, her best friends had arranged an unforgettable surprise dinner. Where can we buy these friends please? 


Eva is immensely passionate about fashion. Her first word, even before mom and dad, was “chicken,” referring to her favorite socks with a chicken. All other socks were met with a pout. 

The importance of the right accessories and outfit was clearly a priority, even then. As soon as she could walk, she was running through the house in her mom’s heels. When she was 8 years old, she even started sketching her own fashion collection.

Her grandmother on her father’s side was a big influence as she was a very proud woman who loved to dress in beautiful outfits.  

Her favorite fashion piece?

”Among the pieces I will never throw away, is the dress I wore for 30th birthday, the outfit in which I met my boyfriend, and the dresses I wore to my best friends’ weddings. The dress I’m wearing in the pictures is definitely in my top 5. It’s pink and quite dramatic, totally the way I like it.’’

Eva owns a silk Marylène Madou cushion printed with the Poodles and Dachshunds print, and a silk Marylène Madou scarf, printed with Greek Statues.

“This Marylène Madou pillow, printed with the pink poodles, for me it’s just the ultimate translation of “La Vie en Rose”… it’s just “Pinktastic”