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Women who wear MM. Meet Beau Bergmans: “Everything happens for a reason.”

Meet Beau Bergmans, 29-year old mindset & business coach.

Through her work, she helps creative entrepreneurs chart their own path from a place of calm and freedom. 

”I help them believe in their big dreams and turn them into reality.”

Transcending any particular project, among the things Beau loves most about what she does, is the people she meets. Many wonderful friendships have formed thanks to her work.

Everyday Inspiration

Beau draws inspiration from many different kinds of people, but is most inspired by the people she gets to experience up close.

Professionally, she looks up to Justine Seynhaeve, Ellen of The Time Hub, Eline Massin and Caro of CaroInTheWild. What inspires her most is this seeming effortlessness that she hopes to exude as well.

She also very much looks up to her friend Gitta and the manner in which she handles everything in both private and professional sphere. 

‘She has a naturalness, spontaneity and creativity that amazes me every time.”

In short, strong women who go for what they want and stay close to themselves in the process. 


The most beautiful moment in Beau’s career so far?

‘’Cliché, but it’s a series of great moments because you learn something from everything.’’

When she was hired through her internship, she cried because she felt that her life was really starting. When she became her own boss, she was proud of herself for taking that step and when she made the switch to coaching she realized how much she had grown in a few years. 

“I’m proud of the path I’ve taken, mistakes and all. I truly believe very strongly that everything happens for a reason and you have to trust this process.’’

While no one knows what the future holds, the past year has made Beau realize that freedom and inner peace are core values for her. She wants to travel and see the world while still being able to help make a difference for others. 

Beau and her boyfriend are now working on their future as digital nomads, to only depend on a stable wifi connection and to do what they love, both privately and professionally. Choosing the Japanese Garden in Hasselt as a backdrop for these photos was an easy choice, referring to her travel bugs.

She also wants to share her advice for women who consider the life of an entrepreneur.

‘’Dare to dream big. Don’t let anyone and especially yourself keep you small. There is always a way to make that dream come true, it just takes belief in yourself to make it happen.’’


As a passionate fashionista, Beau is a big fan of Marylene Madou.  

”I’d buy everything Marylène designs. One day I will.” 

Her very first Marylene Madou piece is the classic foulard, which she instantly fell in love with it. Her own style is both diverse and eclectic, and the scarf is a great addition to that.

“I love it. If it were up to me, Marylène could design a whole world to live in. Bold and bright and beautiful.”

Beau owns a classic silk twill foulard in the Poodles and Dachshunds print.