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Sofie Roterman: an ambitious woman embracing the textile field. Meet the women who wear MM and inspire us daily.

Meet Sofie: a 24-year old Textile Design student, currently working on her Master’s Degree. An intelligent young woman with an impressive journey in the arts so far.

Sofie already owns a first degree in the Arts with a focus on Installation Art.

“When I finished my first bachelor degree in the Liberal Arts, I felt too young to start my Master’s degree. I felt I had to expand my creative process further.”

Yet finishing up this course brought her insights in what she really wants to achieve.

“My background in installation art has made me realize very well how I want to develop my work, and what is essential to me. This made continuing in Textile Design the right choice. Textiles are the medium in which I can express myself best, and which is closest to me personally.”

She very much looks forward to starting an internship within the field to expand her own practice.

Everyday Inspiration

Sofie finds beauty in inconspicuous elements, or what some would call unnoticeable: a teabag that darkens over the hours, shadow formations that form on the wall, light reflections from certain objects. For her graduation project, she drew inspiration from some of these elements in her environment. Intangible elements such as light, smell, color, and sound, influence our experience yet we’re so used to taking them for granted. 

‘’I see beauty in small subtle elements that are only visible when looked at with attention. The tactility of materials and their application is very important to me as is the setting in which my work is presented.’’

She finds inspiration in contemporary artists in her own industry. Two of her favorite artists are Ann Veronica Janssens and Pamela Rosenkranz. What appeals to her most is the way they deal with material use and the role of the spectator in their works. 

”I find it interesting to be a part of the artwork as a spectator and to dream up your own perception about the work.”


While Sofie is still very much at the beginning of her career, she can already pinpoint one of her favorite moments.

‘’I would say the best moment so far was my graduation jury in Textile Design. It gave me great satisfaction to present my work to an external jury and have an open conversation about it and convey my vision.’’

She also has great plans for the future. As both of her parents are self-employed, she considers self-employment to be in her blood. It’s her dream to start her own brand or to become a free artist. Sofie is never one to shy away from a challenge and takes on her ambition plans with confidence. 


From the first time Sofie walked past Marylène Madou’s window, she became an instant fan. The colorful prints and the vintage look of the store immediately attracted her to the brand. The silk suits in a single colorful print are some of her favorite pieces. 

Although as a student, she is still on a tight budget… 

”When I saw that Marylène was doing a sample sale with the pieces from her photoshoot I couldn’t help but contact her. Since then I am a proud owner of a Marylène Madou suit and to this day it is still one of my favorite pieces in my closet. A real showstopper.”