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'BELMAR' - a plate by Liane Castermans and Marylène Madou

Belgian ceramist Liane Castermans has been creating exceptional tableware experiences for several years now. Marylène and Liane are both highly influenced by foreign cultures and objects, and share a fascination for anything odd and unlikely.

Coming both from the rural countryside of the Province of Limburg, as designers, the admiration for the big cities is definitely present. Yet the BELMAR plate goes back to the designers’ heritage: eating a piece of triangle shaped cake (called ‘vlaai’), in the presence of family and friends.

The BELMAR plate is hand-painted exclusively by Marylène in Liane’s studio and can thus be considered a high-value design object. Though, Liane and Marylène passionately want this plate to become a conversation starter at your festive table or during unique family moments, where eating together is the central event. 

The plates can be used to present small dishes – or of course, cake – and elevate your food presentation in an unseen way. The plate can be placed on the table in its entirety, after which each can take a cake slice separately. A hint to the way of eating in Moroccan culture. 

Each plate is 100% unique and dishwasher safe.