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When design is ingrained in your life, fueled by grit: meet jewelry designer Rani Putzeys and her MM pillow.

A fashion designer, a graphic designer, and jewelry designer: we would like you to meet Rani Putzeys. A 29-year old busy woman with a strong eye for design, who runs her own jewelry brand and a store, while designing for one of the biggest retailers in the country. An impressive go-getter, we would say.

‘’The most important thing is to keep believing in yourself and your business.’’

NIEF COLLECTIEF’, it’s the name of Rani’s sustainable jewelry label. NIEF COLLECTIEF creates 3D-printed jewelry from environmentally friendly materials. Each piece of jewelry is designed in-house. In addition to NIEF COLLECTIEF, and together with 4 other entrepreneurs, she owns a concept store in the heart of Diest, where they sell handmade or vintage products.

Career and Inspiration

In everyday life, Rani finds inspiration through the teachings of her grandmother.

” “I can’t” is not in my vocabulary!” and “It’s important to get some rest once in a while!” are things her grandmother used to say all the time and Rani is now taking to heart.

She takes great pride in her work and is proud of every growth NIEF COLLECTIEF goes through – from her very first point of sale, to seeing her jewelry in magazines or on national TV. Despite the successes, some small, some large, she tries to remain down to earth but keeps focus at the same time.

Her dreams for the future?

‘’As much as I currently enjoy everything I do, it is still a dream to one day be able to work for NIEF COLLECTIEF every day.’’

Rani’s advice for aspiring female entrepreneurs is to know where you want to go and to keep that goal in mind.

”Also, know that when things get a little off track, everything always works out. Trust your gut and your own creativity.”


Like all the women in our series, Rani loves fashion and styling her home. A pillow she bought from Marylène acts as a colorful and fun dream world that she can totally get sucked into. It is also that touch of boldness that every interior can use.

”By the way, I love objects with a story. They open up topics of conversation on cozy evenings with visitors. Behind each one of Marylène’s pillows, there’s a nice story.”

Rani owns a Marylène Madou Belgian Linen cushion in the Butterfly Garden print, and a silk pocket square in the Maze print.