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Women who wear MM: a lovely story about Sofie Colasse.

We’d like to feature a very special someone, 33-year old Sofie Colasse. Sofie lives with her partner Kristof in Genk, is currently Area Manager at DAS Legal Aid, and is a strong supporter of Marylène Madou. When she enters the shop, it puts a smile on our face. And where would a brand be without its supporters?

What defines Sofie is not only her love of fashion but ‘loving life’ in general. 

‘’I am happy that I have been able to experience so many beautiful moments in my life.’’

Gratefulness is a lovely thing to practice.

Everyday Inspiration

Inspiration often lives in the mundane. It’s the little things that can have the biggest impact.

For Sofie, there’s little time for hobbies, but she likes to make up for it by enjoying a nice dinner, from tapas to a five-star restaurant and everything in between. She also likes to read, dive into the pool in summer and enjoy a great spa day in the winter.

Sofie deeply appreciates the importance of family, which is why she values having breakfast with her mother every day. Since she sleeps earlier than her partner, he often takes the time to bring her to bed while they talk about their day. It’s these precious moments of spending time with her loved ones that Sofie loves more than anything else.

And like every great woman, she is inspired by great people in her life. 

‘’My dad inspires me in my life. I would like to be like him, always friendly to everyone and always cheerful. I would also like to have the finesse and flair with which he carries out his job. He is my idol.’’


Sofie is very passionate about fashion and especially about Marylène Madou. 

A good friend gave her a print from Marylène Madou as a gift. They both noticed another print with a flamingo, which both of them immediately loved: 

‘’We have been friends since college, so we are ‘Friends for Life’. How exactly the conversation came about, or how exactly it went again, I don’t remember, but since we both have a print from Marylène Madou we have become not friends for life but flamingos for life.’’ 

Thank you, Sofie.

Sofie owns a Maxi Classic Silk Square in the ‘My Dream Garden’ print.