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Collaborations & Special Projects

Marylène has been asked by numerous luxury brands and retailers to create exclusive collections based on her prints. Her ever-growing archive of drawings and textile designs has proven to be an unlimited source of inspiration. Discover all recent collaborations here.

Marylène Madou & IXXI

The well-known Dutch wall deco system, reinvented in Marylène's colorful prints.

Marylène for Cent Pur Cent

A summer collection featuring a bright eyeshadow palette, covered in a Marylène Madou print.

Marylène for Odéon Collection

A series of scented candles in luxury fragrances, handpainted in Italy with a Marylène Madou print.

Marylène Madou x Mayerline: a collection inspired by the South of France.

Marylène Madou for 30 years La Bottega: an exclusive print depicting shoes and accessories for the multibrand’s Birthday.

Marylène Madou and Liane Castermans: the hand-painted BELMAR plate. A ceramic piece to elevate your table experience.

Marylène Madou x Kuriosis: a series of art prints created from Marylène’s archive of prints and patterns.

A new family story of prints created by Marylène for JBC.

Marylène Madou for Morobé

Marylène Madou x Café Costume

Marylène Madou x JBC 2020

Marylène Madou x Jochen Leën

Marylène Madou x SUI